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Puerto Escondido

Daily flights to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.

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Puerto Escondido is a laid-back town that is located on the Mexican Pacific Coast in the state of Oaxaca. Although surfing is the main attraction, it is also home to an iconic “Mexican Pipeline” and some of the most powerful and largest waves that can be found in Mexico. Anyone who likes being close to the beach will be able to find something wonderful about this town. With around 50,000 residents, Puerto Escondido is a large town. The nearby resort region of Huatulco located just 60 miles north it is Oaxaca state’s most sought-after beach getaway, boasting an international airport as well as numerous resorts. 

There are also a few small fishing villages in the vicinity who are looking for a different experience should consider visiting along this intriguing section of coast. Remember this: Puerto Escondido is an easygoing place to visit and you’ll be able to enjoy it most if you be in the same mood. Walk leisurely through the gorgeous beachfront or Adoquin boardwalk, which is Puerto Escondido’s main beach and find a place on the beach and relax. 

A hammock and coconuts will be waiting for you All you need to do is sit back and take in the view. 


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