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Oaxaca State, in southern Mexico is the fifth-largest State in the Mexican Republic. 

It is economically one of Mexico’s most deprived states, yet it is also rich in tourism and culture. 

Due to its elevation at 1,500 meters above sea-level, the temperature is pleasant in Oaxaca City is usually cool, and at the beach, it is very warm throughout the year which is ideal for relaxing on the beaches. 

The region is known for its beautiful indigenous handicrafts, vibrant festivals, and fascinating past, including numerous archaeological sites and colonial structures. Oaxaca is also known for its foodie attractions, featuring a variety of dishes that are that are based on pre-Hispanic ingredients, including corn and different varieties of chillies. 

This diverse populace of the state is approximately 3.2 million people and comprises around 1.25 million indigenous people belonging to sixteen distinct ethnolinguistic communities. A week spent in Oaxaca by splitting your time in between Oaxaca’s city and beach allows you to take in the historical and cultural significance of the colonial town of Oaxaca and then enjoy some time relaxing at the beach. If you’re able to spend more time you can easily add several days at each destination.


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